Staffing & Recruiting

Building enduring relationships

We are a digital consulting company that believes in technology-enabled transformations to create changes that matter. Our expertise helps find, recruit, and place specialized talents for our clients, ensuring that they succeed in their journey today and in the future.

Permanent staffing

We invest time in understanding our client’s business requirements, industry skill sets, workforce market, and other relevant information regarding the position to be filled to ensure that we deliver the right candidate. Our recruitment experts employ class-leading search processes to find, screen, and qualify candidates. We save our clients time and reduce costs by making hiring more efficient, by ensuring that they have the right talent that not only fits the job description but also matches company culture, attitude, and tenure for long-term success

Contract staffing and placement

Our team of experts in recruitment has made screening and hiring for short-term projects easier for our clients. Our contract services enable our clients to fill short-term needs for employees across industries. Our dedicated team works closely with our clients to fulfill their business employment needs for upcoming projects, seasonal requirements and to manage peak workloads. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allow these companies to maintain the necessary staff levels with the right skills.

Contract to hire

Contract to hire enables organizations to hire additional staff for a period of time with the option to convert them to full-time employment. Working with clients across a wide range of industries, we provide contract-to-hire solutions for short-term projects where resources need to be filled immediately but with a view to growth in the future. This helps our clients to evaluate the risk of hiring directly as it’s a great way to know after the initial contract period if a candidate is a perfect fit.